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Enphase System Servicing

As certified Enphase Technicians, we will be able to assess any error messages you are encountering on your monitoring app, Enlighten. We assess Enphase batteries, microinverters, communications, and all issues related to Enphase systems.

Underproduction Assessment

If you notice any of your panels are not producing like the rest, we'd be happy to determine the cause and resolve the issue. Some underproduction causes are: faulty microinverters or optimizers, damaged or faulty solar panels, or wiring connection issues. 

Critter Guard Installation

Squirrels, raccoons, and birds can cause serious damage to wiring underneath the panels. These critters use the space under your panels for shelter and warmth. Exposed wire from critter activity will reduce or eliminate solar production and is a potential fire risk. Any damage from critters is also NOT covered under your panels' warranties, so protect your home and you solar system by installing critter guard.

Panel Removal & Reinstall

In the event that your roof needs to be replaced, whether from hail damage or old age, our team can safely remove the panels, wiring, racking, and roof mounts. After the roofing company replaces your roof (shingle or metal), we can return and assemble your solar system how it was before. 

RV Solar & Storage Install *

Have you thought about generating solar to power your RV? How about upgrading your old lead acid batteries to more efficient lithium batteries. We can set up your RV with the highest quality panels and storage devices to ensure that your solar system will last years to come. The possibilities are endless, so send us a message and we'll construct a system that will suit your needs. 

Panel Cleaning *COMING SOON*

While it is claimed that solar panels are self-cleaning from the rain, over time dust, pollen, and rain particulates can accumulate a thin layer over your panels that results in less production (between 5%-15%). We use deionized water and a scrub brush to clean your panels. That's it! Cleaning agents can degrade the anti-reflective coating on the panels, and can leave streaks that dust/debris will attach to. Tap water also leaves particulates that dust/debris accumulates on.

Experience You Can Trust

With 2 years working in the solar industry, NABCEP Photovoltaic Certification, Enphase Energy System Certifications, and a proud member of the MREA, you can rest assured knowing that your system will be receiving the highest quality care to keep your system running at maximum efficiency. 

NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) is the most respected certification organization for renewable energy. To become PV certified, you must learn basic electrical principles, how photovolatic systems operate, and best practices for safely and efficiently maintaining these systems. 
Enphase offers solar installers training courses in order to be certified to install and maintain their systems. We are certified in everything from the rooftop down to the batteries, and everything in between. These credentials allow us to tap into your system on site and diagnose any issue you may be having. 
MREA (Midwest Renewable Energy Association) is an organization that provides high quality education and hands-on training. They provide members with various education courses which include online courses in installations, maintenance, sales, new products, and many more. If anyone is interested in learning more solar knowledge for themselves, we recommend becoming an MREA member.
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